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Thyina Parfum 50ml

Figments of our fragrant imagination…

Nemus, Purpureum and Thyina Parfums are now part of our new Fragments by NVC collection.

The names are based on our impressions of the perfumes.

Fragments of visual greens - regeneration - Nemus

Fragments of visual purple - mystic warmth - Purpureum

Fragments of visual beige tender comfort - Thyina

Created over the last years (before covid and during the pandemic  - some were ready and some were being created) - then covid19 arrived like a surreal nightmare and interrupted our lives and everything we had held sacred...

Fragments of nature, heart, tenderness, clarity, feeling, reasoning, intellectual brilliance, skill, ego, life, relationship, oneself, upheaval, breakdown, object, energy, food, art……

Parfum 50ml