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Serene Silk Connections

A new year, a new chapter in the olfactory journey of Neela Vermeire Creations. After our first six creations, we have now moved towards a new series of fragrances which still carry our signature.

For our new creation NIRAL, we have redesigned our packaging blending the purple colour of our Mohur Extrait and our EDP flacon, cradled in soft champagne gold within a two toned silken purple jewel box.
The fragrance NIRAL (unique, calm, serene) is a perfume inspired by an interesting and unique relationship between British sericulture expert, author, printing-dyeing industrialist Sir Thomas Wardle (1831-1909) and India, celebrating his immense contribution to the promotion of Indian wild silk trade from Bengal and Kashmir to Europe.

Wardle’s contribution may have been forgotten but he influenced and collaborated with several great textile artists and silk printers of his generation such as William Morris (1834-1896), Léon-Victor Solon (1873-1957) and a number of influential artists from the Art and Craft movement.

Wardle perfected the technique for natural dyeing of the textured “tussar” silk, achieving stunning jewel toned colours reflected in our new box. His wife, Lady Elizabeth Wardle, founded the Leek Embroidery Society working on artistic needlework projects with tussar silk.

NIRAL, through its blend of rich raw materials is an ode to this quietly forceful silk ambassador. The perfume opens with iris, tea and liqueur notes weaving an intricate pattern with floral notes and spices akin to the textural delight of a piece of tussar silk, and symbolizing a unique relationship between two countries linked by a common heritage.

Notes: Iris, pink pepper, tea, turkish rose, lie de vin verte, cabreuva, angelica seed, ambrette seed, cardamom, leather, magnolia, jasmine absolute, sandalwood, cedar.

Eau de parfum, 60ml